Basic Requirements

  • Join all of our social channels (Discord, Facebook, etc.) and add at least 3-5 members
  • Register as an official campus organization
  • Send us your org website or facebook page

To be eligible for funding...

Only active clubs can apply for event and organizational funding or get the opportunity to fund projects through our accelerator. To remain active you must complete the following:

  • Participation in kick-off and wrap-up phone calls
  • (85%)​ ​Participation in all workshops
  • Post an article/poll/discussion topic to MB social channels every 1-2 weeks ​Host at least 1 virtual event/workshop for all MB participants per semester
  • ​Provide a mid-semester/end of semester status report
  • ​Participate in a one-on-one call with program director/assistant
  • ​Make a social or blog post highlighting your semester experience
  • ​At least one anonymous feedback submission

Go above and beyond

  • Work as a TA on an accredited blockchain course
  • Run workshops on campus
  • Volunteer as a community manager
  • Serve as an admin on our social channels
  • Apply for internships with our business development team

How to apply

  • Read over this checklist of expectations for members
  • Tell us about your organization when you apply here.