What you get

College Network
Join an international network of 75+ student blockchain organizations.
Exclusive access to a forum of all participants. Ask questions and get advice on all things blockchain.
Start A Company
Learn how to write a business plan, create financial models, pitch to investors, and hire employees.
30 hours a week of live classes in multiple time zones. One-on-one advising from industry professionals.
Grow And Survive
Learn how to start a company and have the opportunity to get funded through our accelerator.
Build Your School Club
Attract new members, organize awesome events, and take your operations to the next level.

Who is MouseBelt?

MouseBelt is a full-service blockchain accelerator that boosts the growth of promising start-ups in the blockchain space. With a 55 person strong team, MouseBelt also aids the adoption of blockchain technologies through event sponsorships, research and resource grants.

classTwo starts soon. By becoming a member you will have access to:

Cross-Campus Community
  • Participate in virtual meet-ups with other student leaders in the blockchain space
  • See events happening around the world and promote your own on our event calendar
  • Join our vibrant social channels where you can share news, ask questions, and get advice on all things blockchain

Three 10 Week Courses

10-week educational programming directed at three blockchain topics:
Creating/Growing your organization
  • How to throw your first hackathon/conference
  • How to create a budget and fundraise
  • How to attract and retain members
Blockchain Engineering
  • Workshops and advice from expert developers
  • Hands on experience collaborating on real-world projects
  • Exclusive technical support for our open source tools
Starting a Business
  • Tips on branding, financial planning, and business development
  • Pitch competition to help you create and improve your business plan
  • Mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs
Opportunities for Organizational Funding

These are some of the things we have funded in the past:

Meetings, workshops, hackathons, conferences, promotional materials, international travel, and accredited classes.

$250k in funding for student blockchain projects

During the classTwo program, MouseBelt will work closely with students to help educate and prepare them for launching a product.

At the end of classTwo, we will choose ten of the most promising student projects and invest $25,000 in each of them.

This is what some of our classOne students had to say about MouseBelt

Joe Blackburn from Crypto Coin Trader talks with of 3 of our University Program club presidents: Joey Santoro of Duke Blockchain Lab, Rubo Dermoyan of Blockchain at UCSB, and, Rob Klages of Gator Blockchain Club. Learn about what their membership looks like, what kinds of events, workshops, and classes they have conducted, and their personal opinions on the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in general.

Blockchain @ UCSB
"It really helped us to be able to better formulate our ideas by having interactions with people in industry."
UW Blockchain Society
"I think the most beneficial part of working with MouseBelt is connecting to more students, and going to a hackathon, and just the support they provide. They’re always really encouraging and I appreciate how they are supporting students from all backgrounds not just CS or business."
UT Dallas Blockchain
"MouseBelt has been indispensable to UTD Blockchain's success this semester."

How to apply

  • Read over this checklist of expectations for members
  • Tell us about your organization when you apply here.